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Neil Ray
(310) 457-3887
LaRocca Inspectors
(818) 951-1795

Pacific Engineering
Reg Browne
(818) 227-8090
David C. Weiss
(818) 227-8040

Environmental Home Consultants
Owen Seiver
(661) 296-9831
California Microbial
Rich Valdez

(310) 478-4838

Geological Inspectors
Donald Kowalesky
(310) 457-2456

Parmelee Geology
Larry Parmelee
(818) 889-0762

Joe Cunningham Electricians
Joe Cinnungham
(818) 625-3154
Peak Power and Electric
Skylar Peak
(310) 924-9881

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Hammer Plumbing and Drainage
 (800) 660-1452
(310) 450-1122

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How to successfully sell your property

Choosing the right agency to represent you in the sale of your property is the first crucial decision you'll make as a seller. The current marketplace is flooded with short sales, bank owned properties, auctions, bankruptcy sales and lease options. It is essential for any agent to be well versed in all of these arenas so that he or she can successfully diversify your listing. But knowing the market will only get an agent half way to a sale - the ability to procure willing and able buyers and close efficiently is what really distinguishes successful seller representation from failed attempts. The judgement call should be based primarily on the agent's ability to creatively market your property to the appropriate network of potential buyers. As a seller you must research you're prospective representation as much as possible to determine if the agent's track record, and client base is a good match for your property.

why buyer's representaiton is important

Despite the downtrodden economy there are still a large number of potential buyer's out there who are willing and able to purchase a home but are hesitant to close escrow. If you look at mainstream media today its easy to see why there is apprehension. Headlines and broadcasts are filled with suggestive reports and persuasive commentary about how the current housing market is unpredictable. The truth of the matter is that no one has the crystal ball on the real estate market and although historic trends suggest that we are on the verge of a bottoming trough, there is no quantifiable way to predict the future of real estate. Yet one fact remains; everyone wants to get the most value out of their purchase. A good buyer's agent will consider two major pieces of information when consulting their clients i) knowing the buyer's personal needs and future expectations, and ii) maximizing the value of their client's investment.

what to know about today's market

The market today is filled with a plethora of transactions unlike any the industry has ever seen. Distressed properties continue to be the dominant price indicator, however many buyers fail to identify that distressed properties often require an unpredictable amount of improvements and maintenance which significantly reduces the anticipated discount-to-market most buyer's are swoon by. In order to solidify your odds as buyer you need to consult real estate professionals. So how do you choose the right agency to advise you on your purchase? Interviews! The most reliable marketing an agent has in his or her effort to find new clients is word of mouth. Why? Because most referral clients are immediately convinced of a good referral simply because it comes from their personal network. Don't be. Did you know that an agent can give out referral fees to anyone who brings business their way? Take the time to interview all of the agencies and base your selection on your own due diligence.

where are property values holding

Although the recession of 2008 has effected the housing market on a national level, there are some geographic areas that have held their value and proved resilient to the economic downturn. According to a study conducted in April of 2012 by leading industry professionals which included a collaborative analysis of historical housing data, current employment trends, capital market influences, international economic interests, and domestic lending capabilities it was determined that the most resilient geographic areas that are immune to bear markets and most commonly appreciate in value over the long term are along the West Coast of the United States. Put more simply: The country wants to live by the beach. Coastal properties have continually proven to be in high demand and it is our prediction that they will continue to be in years to come. For more information on market trends and analyses make sure to subscribe to the PCH estate blog and newsletter.

Who to trust and why

Trust your instinct. If you your intuition is telling you that you're being "sold to" you probably are. Don't forget that you're dealing with Professional Salespeople here; agents are notorious for their ability to persuade. How do you know who to trust? Do your homework, test you're agent's knowledge, and most importantly, trust your instinct.



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Robert L. Edie

Robert L. Edie | Managing Partner | 310.717.1795 | | Lic 01821992

PCH Estates is a residential real estate brand which Robert L. Edie founded in 2012. We specialize in coastal property sales in California and have a strong presence in the high end markets of Los Angeles.  The company was formed from the observation that real estate professionals with supplemental experience in digital media, marketing, and finance seemed to find continued success.  Our approach involves an aggressive tactical marketing strategy with targeted impressions.  Facilitating these situations involves a delicate yet objective candor coupled with the ability to nimbly manage each parties position in the transaction.
Robert L. Edie
Managing Partner
Dre: Lic 0182 1992
(310) 717-1795